Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hunting trip to Namibia Africa 2012

If you would like to go with me to Namibia 2012 I am taking a small group to Agarob Hunting Safaris in the north part of Namibia. We will be filming the hunts for a promotional video that I will be making for the outfitter. We will be hunting plains game trophies at one of the best ranches I know of in all of Africa. Agarob has 500,000 acres for us to hunt.
For more information send me a email and we can talk.
Steve Sillitoe

Friday, March 5, 2010

Picture of Leopard - Free Pictures - FreeFoto.com
If you have ever wanted to hunt Leopard in Africa this is the best deal I have ever seen. We have one tag left and we will take the highest bidder. Send me an email or give me a call.

435-590-5299 (cell)
For email click on the link below, this is my contact link.

Thanks Steve Sillitoe (Hunting Consultants)

Monday, February 1, 2010


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Monday, January 5, 2009

La Bips Safari's (Namibia Africa)

Experience an unforgettable Hunting Safari on Hartebeestloop, our hunting farm in the heart of the Kalahari. On Hartebeestloop you will find the original game density and varied species of Southern Africa.

On our typical Kalahari duneveld landscape you can hunt for Kudu, Eland, Oryx, Springbuck, Red Hartebeest and other game species. We have more than 20 different species available. The Oryx is one of the most typical Kalahari animals and it is truly an exceptional and worthy trophy.

Hunt with our experienced and well trained guides. Whether you are stalking the game or sitting in a hide, we will make sure that it is done according the ethical principles of hunting, thereby ensuring humane practices in the utilization of wildlife. We do selective hunting and thereby ensuring and maintaining the diversity of nature. We are proud to say that we hunt according the fair chase principals as stated in the NAPHA (Namibia Professional Hunting Association) code of conduct.

After a successful hunt we will collect and skin your trophy and do the necessary field preparation. We will gladly advise you on a choice of a renowned local taxidermist and a reliable shipping agent. We want to stress that the utmost care is taken of your trophy: the skinning, the preparation, and the labelling of every part of it to insure that you receive the best possible article back home.

After a breathtaking sunset over the red Kalahari dunes, your fulfilling and exciting hunting day will come to an end and you can relax around the campfire under the clear Namibian skies. You can enjoy traditional Namibian meals prepared by our kitchen with some of our best local beers and South African wines.

Your accommodation is in very comfortable, spacious rooms with en-suite bathrooms with hot and cold running water.

La Bips Safari’s know-how and expertise guarantee you an unforgettable hunting experience. Our rates do not include any hidden costs. What you see is what you pay.

Happy hunting!

 "They say that all bugs in Africa bite ..... but the Safari bug is the worst of all !"

Friday, December 12, 2008

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Welcome to Marulahunt hunting safari. We are based in the Limpopo province, South Africa and are a professional established hunting outfitter, with more than 25 years hunting experience in South Africa.
We are situated at the foot of the majestic Waterberg mountain range, on the springbok flats,
a 155 mile drive from the Johannesburg International Airport. The farm Vlakpan (roughly translated meaning 'shallow lake'), between Mokopane (Potgietersrus) and Roetan, is our host concession. It lies12 miles south east of Mokopane, our nearest town. The host concession extend an area of about 3200 acres, with 23 species of game and birds available for hunting,
ranging from zebra and giraffe to the small grey duiker and steenbuck.
The habitat vary from grassy plains to thorny thickets. We also have 3 other concessions within a 20 mile radius of Vlakpan, in total, all the concessions covers more than 7000 acres. Some of these concessions are bow hunting only and some are rifle hunting only. Hunting season starts begining of March to the end of October.
Our aim is to make your bush experience a memorable one, while hunting in our piece of paradise. Come and experience the African bush at its best. WE PROUD OUSELVES TO SAY THAT THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST CONCESSIONS IN THE MOKOPANE DISTRICT
We cater for groups, single hunters, as well as families.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Monday, September 22, 2008

Uhlenhorst Hunting Safaris

Uhlenhorst is a well-known oasis in the south of Namibia on the border of the beautiful Kalahari Desert, 200km/125miles south-east of Windhoek, the capital of Namibia. Uhlenhorst has been a family business for over 40 years. Here you'll find a variety of landscapes: from red sand dunes to hard rock, dense bush, with cold winters and very hot summers. At Uhlenhorst you can also observe a large variety of wild birds and Namibian plant life. We love animals and understand that there should be a good balance in hunting wildlife and maintaining a balance in nature.

The Van Niekerk family of Uhlenhorst has been in the hunting business for many years with a lot of experience in hunting and entertaining guests. Hoekus van Niekerk (Sr.) the owner of Uhlenhorst and his son Hoekus (Jr.) are the guides and make sure that your hunting memories will last a life time. Connie, the wife of Hoekus (Sr.), and her team of helpers will see to your every need when it comes to dining and cleaning. At Uhlenhorst, our three most important objectives are:
  • Getting our clients a good trophy that will make them proud and also being a good representative of the species.
  • Making sure that our clients and their company enjoy the experience and leave satisfied.
  • Last, but definitely not least: For all our clients to leave as lifetime friends of ours.
At Uhlenhorst, we accommodate our guests in luxury rooms decorated with handmade artifacts made in Namibia. Linen is designed by Anin Embroidery, one of our community's proud businesses. Anin is employing workless Nama women from Hoachanas (a black community ±25km/15miles from Uhlenhorst). We cater for the whole family as we have several tamed and semi-tamed animals around the lodge, including our two cheetah pets, Sheewa and Kambesi.

After a successful day in the hunting fields our guests can enjoy ice-cold beverages in the lapa (Thatch roof) or a special sundowner on the red Kalahari dunes. Traditional Namibian meals are served family style or special requests can be catered for as our guests prefer. For your convenience, a small general merchandise store and a Curio Shop are also on the premises. All rooms have electricity (220V). The fresh drinking water is pumped from boreholes deep below the earth’s surface.

Climate and Clothing
Our diverse climate makes it very difficult to predict our temperatures. Normally in the hunting season the nights are cool to cold and it warms up during the day, especially in the sun.

Summer in Namibia is normally from September to April with day temperatures of 25° C (77F) to 35° C (90F). Winter is normally from May to August. The rainy season is from October to April, but heavy storms are not really a concern and do not interfere with the hunting.

Long pants and short sleeved shirts are recommended for the hunt, with a jacket. Colors should be natural, green or khaki. Not heavy, but protecting. A pair of good broken in rubber sole shoes is very important. Sun protection, sunglasses and a hat are essential. The laundry is done every day; therefore it is unnecessary to bring a lot of clothes. Camo clothes for hunting are allowed in Namibia.

Rifles and Ammunition
For smaller game a 1450 joule and for bigger game 2700 joules and up with soft point bullets are recommended. Just make sure it is a rifle you are comfortable with and used to shooting with. We normally recommend a 7mm and higher. It’s good for a variety of game. The telescope we suggest is a 6x40 and larger. This is just a suggestion. You may use what ever you are comfortable with.

Rifles and ammunition can be hired on request at U$ 50- per day plus cost of ammunition.A maximum of 2 rifles of different calibers per hunter are allowed with 80 rounds per rifle (no solid points).

Handguns and fully automatic weapons are prohibited.Import permits for rifles and ammunition will be issued at the airport on arrival.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Kaytor Peaks Estate (New Zealand)

Above are photos of Red Stag taken this year at Kaytor Peaks Estate in New Zealand. Last year all the Red Stag taken were over eighteen points with a twenty two pointer being the largest.
We are now booking agents for them.
If you are interested in hunting with us, we are planning on going April 8th and returning April 22. We have openings for four hunters during that time period, two per week. We will be making a promotional video production for Kaytor Peaks and you can be the star. Wives are welcome on the daily hunt for $250.00 per day or local sightseeing can be arranged. A five day Red Stag hunt is priced at $5,000.00 for a (1x1) guided hunt and $4,500.00 for a (2x1) guided hunt, plane ticket not included. Your trip begins and ends at the Christ Church Airport that equates to four days hunting and two half days for travel. We have one fixed price for a stag, with no trophy fees added. Other species you can hunt are Fallow Buck, Tahr, Chamois, Alpine Goat, Arapawa Ram, Boar.
For More Information About This Hunt

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Flushing Hills Hunting Club (North Dakota)

2009 Rates

Day Hunting:
Preserve Pricing: $40 rooster, $30 hen
Wild Bird Hunting - $150 per day

Lodge Rental:
Upstairs @ $300 per day
Downstairs @ $250 per day
Lodge levels have eight (8) beds per level but you can crowd as many people in as you wish. Both levels have complete kitchen facilities, freezers, Direct TV, high-speed wireless Internet and are completely remodeled.

One (1) day package:
Preserve hunting with opportunities to harvest up to four (4) birds a day. (Some hunters are unable to harvest four (4) birds because of their inability to hit the target, but you will have the chance to harvest a minimum of four (4) birds per day per hunter on the preserve).
Lodging provided at the motel or lodge.
Three (3) meals provided per hunter per day. Two (2) at the Flushing Hills Cafe and a sack-lunch in the field.
Pricing: $199 per day per hunter.
One day packages may include hunting wild birds on leased properties for an additional fee of $100 per day per hunter. If package buyers do not wish to hunt ranch raised birds on the preserve - a credit of $50 will be applied to the package price.

Two (2) day package:
Same price as One (1) day package per day with a 5% discount applied to overall bill.

Three (3) day package:
Same price as One (1) day package per day with 7% discount applied to overall bill.
Any package in excess of three (3) days will have a 10% discount applied to the overall charges.

Purchase as many birds as you wish on preserve hunts.
We will gladly customize a package to suit any need, just ask for a quote.
We specialize in Corporate retreats!

About Us
Flushing Hills Hunting Club is located in the heart of the greatest pheasant hunting in the United States - Mott, North Dakota! We are just 90 miles from the beautiful new airport in Bismarck and just 60 miles from the Dickinson airport. A small community airport is also located in Mott, just one mile from the lodge. If you have your own small plane you can practically fly right to the ranch.

If you fly in to Bismarck or Dickinson, we will pick you up at the airport and transport you to the lodge/motel or you can rent a 4x4 suburban from Flushing Hills.

Many Flushing Hills hunters choose to bring their dogs and make the drive to Mott. Kennel facilities are available at the ranch and we provide dogs for you for a minimal daily rate should you elect to use our German Short hair pointers.

Club managers and co-owners Pat and Shonna Perkins operate the Mott Motel, the Flushing Hills Bowling Alley and Cafe, and the Flushing Hills Hunting Club. 

What We Do
Flushing Hills Hunting Club offers incredible wild pheasant hunting on thousands of acres of leased properties and ranch raised bird hunting on preserve properties. Hunt wild birds and take a limit in the morning (under North Dakota Game and Fish regulations) and harvest as many birds as you like on the preserve in the afternoon!

We own the local bowling alley and cafe as well as the Mott Motel and Flushing Hills Lodge. Come hunt with us and enjoy other activities at the bowling lanes, enjoy a delightful meal at the restaurant and forget your cares as you sleep at the newly remodeled lodge of motel!

Flushing Hills Hunting Club/Flushing Hills Lanes & Cafe offers: 

Wild pheasant hunting on leased properties (North Dakota Game & Fish license required).
Ranch raised pheasant hunting on preserve properties (no license required).
Lodging at the newly remodeled Mott Motel. 
Lodging at the newly remodeled Flushing Hills Lodge.
Bowling and arcade entertainment at the Flushing Hills Lanes & Cafe.
Excellent dining at the Flushing Hills Lanes & Cafe.
Hunting for the individual or group.
Corporate retreats.
FREE high-speed wireless Internet at all facilities. 
The most competitive rates anywhere!

Bring your youngsters and start the next generation
of passionate pheasant hunters!

For More Information About This Hunt

Friday, December 21, 2007

Pheasant Heaven Lodge (South Dakota)

  • Pheasant hunting and goose hunting in South Dakota with licensed guides on our 14,000 acres of food plots, CRP, dams, and cattails.
  • Three home-cooked meals per day including breakfast, a field lunch, and a dinner in our 10,000 square foot lodge, including big screen TV's, pool table, and ping pong. 
  • Beer and liquor is available after the hunt.
  • Cleaning and freezing of birds - goose or pheasant.
  • Golden Buffalo and Lone Star Casino just 25 minutes away.
  • Goose Hunting available along the Missouri River if weather permits.
  • Airport pick up from Pierre, South Dakota: Free.
  • Airport pick up from Rapid City or Sioux Falls, South Dakota: $300.00.
  • Massage Therapy available after the hunt

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Steve Sillitoe & Bryan Carter

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